June 13, 2017 – Board Minutes

The Ipswich Outboard Club Board of Directors held a regular meeting at The St. Lawrence Literary Society, Ipswich, Ma. Commodore Wright called the meeting to order at 6:16 pm. All IOC officers and directors were present.

The minutes from the previous meeting on May 4, 2017, were approved as submitted.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Cookout cost was $1328.73
  • A discussion was held on the scholarships.
  • Ipswich River Bank was discussed.
  • A large discussion was held on two IOC neighbors requesting access to the IOC ramp and their claim of property encroachment. Motion made to contact the two neighbors tell them we are working on it including contacting our attorney. Motion seconded and approved. Committee members will be Dave Morin, Joe Wright, Steve Clifford, Rick Tucker, and John Sionenin.

The secretary’s report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking account  $30,800.41
  • MMCH account      29,768.48
  • TOTAL                    $60,568.89
  • Loan balance            $37,711.21

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Vice Commodore’s Report :

  • The cookout was very successful.
  • Flagpole is installed after rehab. Thanks to Rusty Spencer.
  • New flag and larger burgee are needed.
  • The bulletin board will be installed.
  • Rick Tucker to contact the town in order to cut down the brush by the filter tanks.

The vice commodore’s report was accepted as read.

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • No July meeting due to vacations.
  • Next board meeting will be on 8/3/17. Location at the St. Lawrence Literary Society.
  • September meeting on the sandbar, 9/12/17 at 5 p.m.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:50 p.m., seconded and approved.

Attest: David Morin, Secretary
Joseph Wright, Commodore