Club Rules



  1. Five-minute time limit on ramp.
  2. No emergency repairs of boats on ramp or at dockside floats.
  3. Dinghy is not to be left on moorings.
  4. Vehicles with trailers attached must be parked as far back as possible to either side of the parking lot.  Face vehicles slightly toward entrances with a minimum of space between them.
  5. Absolutely no parking of cars on dockside of launching areas.
  6. Five-minute time limit on inside of floats.  This includes anyone having trouble starting their engine.  They shall move to the outside of the floats.
  7. One-hour time limit on outside of floats, Monday through Friday.  On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, no boat shall be left tied to either side of floats unless capably attended.
  8. All members and guests shall use rubber-tired trailers when launching or hauling boats.
  9. Any member or applicant who by the launching or hauling of an inboard boat, is going to exceed the ramp limit, shall contact a director of the Club to supervise.
  10. Boat registration stickers shall be placed outboard on boat transom.  No boats allowed to launch without stickers except authorized guests.
  11. Vehicle identification Emblem shall be placed so that it can be easily observed from the front of the vehicle.
  12. Any member requiring additional stickers for their boat, must request such in writing from the Secretary.  Upon review by the Board of Directors, additional stickers may be granted.  Only one vehicle per membership shall be parked in the parking lot at any one time.
  13. Only card-carrying members may tie-up, launch, haul out or load on club property, unless authorized by a valid guest pass.
  14. Noise in the vicinity of the Club Landing shall be held to a minimum at all times.  Boats having inboard engines are required to be muffled.  Both outboard and inboard engines shall not be started when out of the water.  Violation of this rule shall be reported to the Board of Directors and may result in rescinding membership.
  15. The maximum length of Boat Trailers permitted in the Club’s parking lot shall be twenty-six feet (26”) overall, except by authorization of the Board of Directors with conditions.  Further, trailers shall remain attached to member’s vehicles, except those trailers having a special sticker marked with a “T” affixed to the tongue of the trailer, thereby authorizing parking of the trailer separately.  Such stickers may be requested from any member of the Board of Directors or Officers of the Club.
  16. Annual renewed IOC membership privileges are available to the registered member and his/her immediate family. Membership and use of the club property and facilities may not be loaned, rented, sold, or transferred without  the board’s approval. Members not intending to actively use the club should request a leave of absence or resign their membership.