June 2, 2013 – Annual Meeting Minutes

The Ipswich Outboard Club Board of Directors held the IOC annual meeting at the IOC Property, Water St., Ipswich, Ma. The meeting was called to order by Commodore Clapp at 10 a.m. All officers and directors were present except for Jeff Graffum. 23  IOC members and family members attended the meeting.

Commodore Clapp welcomed all to the 2013 IOC annual meeting and thanked everyone for attending. The IOC Board was introduced and the stage was set for an open meeting.

A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the annual minutes from May 20, 2012. Motion seconded and approved by a 22 to 1 vote.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Membership is full again.
  • New green hangtags must be displayed this year.
  • There are 10 new members this year.
  • Please call the secretary if you need anything.

The secretary’s report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The annual financial statement was distributed and read along with comments from the treasurer.
  • The new fiscal year will be calendar year and the annual meeting will be held in January.
  • We are in good financial condition and continue to increase the rainy day fund for future projects.
  • Dwight Thompson was recognized for his efforts and doing a great job.

The treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

Vice Commodore’s Report: 

  • The status of the property is very good.
  • A new aluminum upright is being tested. A suggestion was made to eliminate the posts and install cleats.
  • Members were encouraged to volunteer for tasks that the board has completed in the past.
  • The property is being used well by our members and guests.

The Vice Commodore’s Report was approved as submitted.

Nomination Committee (read by Mike Bennett):

  • Directors nominated for a new three year term: Liz Lombard, Jeff Graffum, Joseph Wright, and Dwight Thompson. No other nominations were given. The secretary cast one vote for the slate nominated, seconded, and approved by a 23-0 vote.
  • Officers nominated for 1 year terms: Joseph Wright, Commodore; Liz Lombard, Vice Commodore; Dwight Thompson, Treasurer; David Morin, Secretary.
  • No other nominations were made.
  • The secretary cast one vote for the slate, seconded, and all were approved by a 23-0 vote.


  • The entire membership was thanked for making the club meeting.
  • The IOC Board was thanked for all their efforts and dedication.
  • The cooking staff for their huge help.
  • Koozies and tide charts are available at no charge.

Member Participation:

  • Members asked about the process for violators. All were encouraged document the situation and give it to the board for action to be taken. Towing vehicles was discussed and violation stickers will be given out.
  • Gary Champion made a motion to have the 2012 annual meeting minutes be altered to include the IOC Secretary was sworn in, a Coast Guard life jacket demonstration was given, and the members right to vote, seconded, and approved by a 22 to 1 vote.
  • Gary Champion presented a letter to the by-law committee for consideration concerning members rights to vote, members disciplinary actions, and members ability to make by-law changes.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 a.m. Motion seconded and approved.

David Morin, Secretary
Donald Clapp, Commodore