March 4, 2014 – Board Minutes

The Ipswich Outboard Club Board of Directors held a regular meeting at the home of Liz Lombard, Ipswich, Ma. Commodore Wright called the meeting to order at 7:20 pm. All IOC officers and directors were present except for Perry Paone.

The minutes from the previous meeting on February 4, 2014 were approved as submitted.

Secretary’s Report:

  • The secretary thanked the board for best wishes during a family death.
  • Membership Counts:
    RG      189
    LO       19
    DR      7
    HM      4
    JR        4
    WL      53
  • Membership count expected to be 202 with renewals still coming in.
  • A deposit for $18,815 was given to the treasurer.
  • A motion was made to send 7 invitations out to the waiting list due to new directors joining the board who have paid in 2014.
  • 2 members completed registration forms with 2 names listed as the members.  IOC membership is only acceptable for immediate family. Massachusetts state law was reviewed showing immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, sibling, or spouse of parent, child, or sibling.
  • Letter was received by Gary Champion to an IOC member detailing his perceived issues with the IOC Board, past board members, member’s comments during the IOC annual meeting, and an honorary member.

The secretary’s report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking Account                        $15,042.12
  • MMCH Account                           19,996.84
  • Total                                              35,038.96
  • The commodore appointed Dwight Thompson as support to the IOC Treasurer for administration purposes.
  • The bylaws approved at the annual meeting will be typed up and posted on the website.

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Vice Commodore’s Report:

  • Property in good shape…floats to be inspected once the snow melts.

The vice commodore’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business:

  • An extensive discussion was held on the open directors positions. Motion made to add Steve Clifford and John Soinenon as directors, seconded, and approved.
  • Commodore Wright appointed Tim Mauser special consultant to the IOC Board for legal advice.
  • Mike Gromko researched a new dinghy…on sale at West Marine for $600. Motion to have Mike coordinate the new dinghy purchase and have the IOC reimburse him, seconded and approved. Rick Tucker to convey the message to Mike Gromko. The old dinghies will be discarded.
  • IOC Board engaged legal counsel and the attorney is reviewing letters from Gary Champion along with the newest communications received for comment.

New Business:

  • Numerous emails have been received by Gary Champion to the bylaw committee, IOC members, and IOC Board detailing his concerns with bylaw change activity, members rights, and annual meeting comments. The IOC Board has taken all Mr. Champions correspondence along with recent IOC members complaints against Mr. Champion and will forward to the attorney for legal advice.
  • Jeff Graffum requested “unapproved IOC minutes” be posted to the website to expedite the public disclosure. After a discussion, the IOC Board decided that it would not be in the best interest of the club to post unapproved minutes due to possible errors and members confidentiality
  • An extension discussion was held on the bylaws. It was determined that the bylaws are set for 2014 and new bylaw committee may be appointed later in 2014 if needed.
  • The next board meeting will be held on April 8, 2014 at a restaurant to be determined. Dave Morin to make reservations.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:20pm, seconded, and approved.

Attest: David Morin, Secretary
Joseph Wright, Commodore