March 7, 2023 — Board Minutes

The Ipswich Outboard Club Board of Directors held a regular board meeting at St. Lawrence Literary Society, Ipswich, Ma. Commodore Clifford called the meeting to order at 8:03 p.m. All IOC Board members were present except for Liz Lombard and John Soininen.

The minutes from the previous meeting on January 17, 2023 and annual minutes from January 31, 2023 were approved as submitted.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Email and po box are clean.
  • Thank you to all who helped at the annual meeting.
  • Working with Liz to clean up the database.
  • Membership counts: RG 225, DR 9, HM 2, LOA 5.
  • A large discussion was held on membership counts. After a lengthy discussion, it was determined to offer no new memberships for 2023.
  • Donations have been arriving in memory of David Prentice.
  • The state will be spraying pepperweed again.
  • Insurance bills are in and will be given to the treasurer.
  • IOC mooring fee all set.

The secretary’s report was accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Deferred until next meeting.

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Vice Commodore’s Report:

  • Parking allowed at the club for This Old House Staff.

The vice commodore’s report was accepted as read.

Old Business:

  • The swales and water line being worked on.

New Business:

  • During the float launch we can invite the Prentices for a memorial.
  • Scholarship applications have been received.
  • Next IOC Board meeting will be 4/13/23 at The Hart House at 6pm.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7 p.m., seconded, and approved.

Attest: David Morin, Secretary
Steve Clifford, Commodore