November 6, 2012 – Board Meeting Minutes

The Ipswich Outboard Club Board of Directors held a regular meeting at the home of Perry Paone. Commodore Clapp called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. All IOC officers and directors were present.

The minutes from the previous meeting on 10/2/12 were approved as amended.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Email and PO Box have been checked.
  • The laptop donated by Liz Lombard to the club is in good shape. It needs to be cleaned and a new battery installed. Cost estimated at $150.
  • Massachusetts Chapter 180 filing has been sent in for 2012.
  • Mailing envelopes were ordered for a cost of $280.
  • The budget items for the secretary were submitted.
  • New hangtags- Dave Morin discovered a local printer to create new hangtags for $260 vs. $700 through Peachtree. They will also print 4 years worth of date and transom stickers for $550. Motion made to have the secretary move ahead with both items, seconded, and approved.

The secretary’s report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Account                 $  4,476.07
Investment Account            $16,406.63
Total                              $20,882.70

  • The budget is right on target for 2012 and a $16K balance should remain at the end of the year.
  • Interest will be posted in December due to the bank being off-line during the storm.
  • A large discussion was held on the budget for 2013 after the treasurer presented a proposed detailed budget. Motion made to accept the 2013 budget, seconded, and approved. No need to meet for an additional meeting on November 13, 2013.

The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted

Vice Commodore’s Report:

  • The float haul went well just before the storm. A limb was under a float that was cut up and removed.
  • One float will need the bottom skids replaced in the spring.
  • New uprights will be installed and experimented with.
  • The porta-potti has been removed.
  • The lights are off for the winter.
  • Some boats were placed at the IOC lot for the storm-no damage.

The vice commodore’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business:

  • The clothing sales were about $600 at the float haul.

New Business:

  • The next regular board meeting will be on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, at the home of Rusty Spencer at 7pm.
  • The by-laws committee met on November 5, 2012. Joe Wright, Dave Warner, Perry Paone, Jeff Putur, Chris Best, Liz Lombard, and Dave Morin were present. John McGrath was unable to attend. Dave Morin was present to give a report on the attorney’s findings and recommendations. All were very vocal and did find some things needing to be updated. A draft is being prepared, will be reviewed again at another by-law committee meeting, and have a final report to be presented at the December IOC Board meeting. A discussion was held on a special membership meeting being held early in 2013 to discuss and approve the by-laws.

Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 8:10pm, seconded, and approved.

Attest: David Morin, Secretary
Donald Clapp, Commodore