Ramp Repair Update

We wish to thank all the members that participated in the 11/4/10 Special Membership Meeting to consider and vote on the ramp repair options.

Approximately 75% of you voted in favor of Phase 1 and Phase 2 to re-grade and replace approximately 2,500 square feet of the ramp with reinforced concrete. The IOC entered into an agreement with North Shore Marine and every confidence in them has been justified including a full survey of grades and elevations, professional engineering and design work, the highest quality product selections, sample surface finish options, etc…

As of 12/23, two of the six 9’X25’ prefabricated reinforced concrete forms have been built (please see photos). The weather and the holiday season have slowed progress but we remain optimistic that a significant portion of the work will be completed in early January. The new ramp will be available for all members well before the floats are launched.

IOC Board of Directors  &  Gary Champion, Ramp Repair Committee Chairman.