September 13, 2016 — Board Minutes

The Ipswich Outboard Club Board of Directors held a regular meeting at the Ipswich Outboard Club, Ipswich, Ma. Commodore Wright called the meeting to order at 6:17 pm. All IOC officers and directors were present except for Perry Paone.

The minutes from the previous meeting on August 14, 2016 were approved.

Secretary’s Report:

  • A $150 mooring bill came in.

The secretary’s report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report (prepared by John Sioninien):

  • Checking account          $19,576.71
  • MMCH account               29,712.87
  • TOTAL                           $49,289.58
  • Loan balance                   $45,132.53

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Vice Commodore’s Report:

  • The grass has been cut. A new contractor is being used for the same price.
  • The new guest passes are in and distributed. Board members are responsible for collecting the fees.
  • A large discussion was held on the ramp. Steve Clifford will meet with Kevin Pelletier on the grout and form issues.
  • ‘No Swimming’ signs are in and will be placed on the catwalks.

The vice commodore’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business:

  • IOC moorings moved back to the original spot.
  • Sunday 9/18/16 at 7am- Ipswich WAC river clean up scheduled.
  • Dave Morin reported on the Ipswich WAC activities and meetings.
  • The new database will be installed by year end.

New Business:

  • Next board meeting will be on October 4, 2016 at the home of Steve Clifford.
  • A Halloween party is being looked at.
  • The Ipswich Illumination will take place on 9/24/2016.
  • A discussion was held on the junior membership. Members have inquired.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 pm, seconded, and approved.

Attest: David Morin, Secretary
Joseph Wright, Commodore